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Due to the pandemic, all IT companies have switched their work from an office environment to work from home culture. Infosys also did the same but not only for work but for training also. This article will surely help you in getting answers like how did virtual training happen for 2019 batch, how it differs from physical training and similar questions like this.

What is virtual training?

So, as mentioned above virtual training is the training in which training takes place virtually on a laptop or desktop instead of physically going to the class. For the last batch(2019) the virtual training was done on their internal platform. It was the live training session in which the trainer or faculty were teaching live to the trainees.

How it differs from physical training?

The major difference which they saw was the environment that one can get on the campus. Think about a place where a group of people is residing and working towards a common goal at that point in time. Especially in Infosys Mysore, everything is set up in a way that suits your training. You get to learn a lot from the people around you be it your classmates, educators, co-educators. Communication happens effortlessly. But all this comes at a huge infrastructure cost which organization as large and capable as Infosys can bear. Is it worth it? This is worth debatable. There may be many pros and cons but this is the major differentiator in my view. Other than that, there is no such difference between physical and virtual training. The timings, faculty, breaks, the way of teaching, and everything went the same only the difference is you can’t able to enjoy the fun you could experience in the Mysore campus.

What was the stipend?

Stipend for the last batch during virtual training was the same as provided during physical training only the difference was they didn’t need to pay accommodation cost in Mysore.

Issues faced by last batch during virtual training

Mostly issues were related to assessments, as a lot of people had to give exams at the same time. So expect lags during the exam. There were internet issues as well so, make sure to have a broadband connection at home and for backup have some good mobile internet.

Faculty interaction in virtual training?

You can ask your doubts during and after the live sessions either by unmuting yourself or putting your question in the chatbox in their platform. You can share your screen if you are stuck somewhere in the code. Usually, people ask doubts in the chat window. They too used that a lot. The thing is that if you have some conceptual or some minor doubt, it will probably get cleared there and then. It may take some time if it requires you to share your screen and simultaneously many people require similar assistance. Anyway, you will have enough time in the second half of the day to get all your doubts clarified. You will probably also have a dedicated preparation day, a day before assessment which gives you some extra time for clearing your doubts. In the end, it’s just about adapting to this new way of learning and interacting. The rest all are the same. Your sincere effort will always lead you to come up with an interesting question that would be worth discussing.

Suggestion for new batches?

Make sure you keep these things before the start of your training so that you have smooth training throughout.

  1. Have a strong internet connection
  2. Have laptop/Pc with descent specs the ideal one will be 8Gb Ram and i5 processor but 4Gb and i3 will also be ok

How the assessment took place is there any difference?

Last time they divided trainees into several groups and each group has assigned an invigilator. All assessments held live in front of the invigilator and the invigilator can anytime ask you to show what is in your surrounding.

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