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In this pandemic situation, round 12.2 crore employees lost their jobs and these numbers are rising day by day source India today. But giant IT companies like Infosys TCS, on the other hand, putting all efforts into not laying out employees during this tough time by allowing their employees to choose a culture of Infosys work from home. Just now Infosys started rolling out offer letters to many students.

Infosys has started rollout the Systems Engineer offer letter and many students received their offer letter. Their training will be held virtually. If the pandemic situation won’t be controlled after their training, then they need to do work from home.

Things to learn before joining Infosys

Who is getting offer letter?

They are rolling out offer letters who comes under certain criteria

  • Only previous batch (2019)
  • Those who are done with their exams.
  • Got their degrees

How Infosys training will happen? what will be the stipend? what will be the period of training?

  1. Training is completely virtual: You have no option to opt from except Infosys work from home or let’s say train from home.
  2. Stipend: The stipend that you will receive during virtual training is the same as earlier.
  3. The training period is completely different and it depends upon how you are placed. i.e. If you have placed through InfyTQ or HackWithInfy then the training period varies.
  4. As per the policies of MNC’s, Those who have done with their final year exams and got provisional degree certificate getting the offer letter.

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