If you are burnt out badly or are you looking for relaxing this lockdown you have come to one of the apt avenues. Yes, the wait is over! This one will be for the top Netflix web series to binge-watch in 2020.

Relax, sit back we will be going through genre by genre to acknowledge you with the various flavors worth trying out!

Science fiction
Sense8: Imagine you are existing in a world where you are connected internally with each and every people of various basic skillsets. You are connected to such an extent that you can feel how the member in your group feels about. You can even use the skillsets which other members of your group are having without even practicing or mastering it. In short, you will be existing as a resource in the seamless internet which can be used by other resource and which can use other resources. Sounds really exciting right! Sense8 is one such science fiction drama web series developed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski.

Imdb: 8.3/10 | rottenTomatoes: 86% | TV.com: 8.7/10

The story opens up with eight individuals figuring out that they find themselves experiencing various surroundings where they were not actually present physically. Sooner do they find out that they can even talk to each member of the group even positioned at various locations of the globe(without phone or internet). Apart from that they even come to find out that they can use each other’s skills with mastery without even doing them before for once. There are a variety of people in this connected web. One is a scientist from India, a robber from England, an Actor from Egypt, a businesswoman from China, a bus driver from South Africa, a Dj, a police officer, and a hacker as well. The series has been constructed with healthy heterogeneity and nothing I mean nothing seems to be cliché at all. Soon does the group comes to figure out that they are being hunted to be taken down by a secret organization. The binge-watch of this series is worth every second and the liberal construct of the social appearance is very intoxicating. I have tried to open up a very terse overview of Sense8 but one will surely be enjoying this with a watch of a couple of episodes.

3%: Next on the list we have this Brazilian dystopian thriller web television series. Yeah actually its name is 3%, I know kinda sounds weird but that’s it all about. It talks about a future world divided between the Miserables and elites. The 3% are the ones who will enjoy the benefits carved out for the elite people. The rest of the people will be turned down to misery. The candidates for this selection process are having some age criteria as well. They fight against each other with all possible tactics and tricks which they can apply. You might be aware of Among Us, just in the very same way the candidates try to play the perfect bluff to be accepted as the elites. The storyline and the nuances created by Pedro Aguilera and Cássio Koshikumo will leave you thrilled.

Imdb: 7.4/10 | rottenTomatoes: 85%

In the pursuit of getting accepted as an elite, the candidates forbid all morales and undermine the fact that becoming a human is a quite complementary part of becoming an elite. Their mad ambitions make everyone go out of their minds. People start to infiltrate the process as well to quieten their grief. All around the tension rises between the two groups and things turn really gross. The watch will be sure to tickle your psyche and make you think once again about your day to day errands. So what are you thinking, make a lot of food and store it and supplement it with this binge-worthy series on a weekend!

Money heist: A mastermind on fleek who decides to mark his fate with one of the biggest heists in the history of Spain. To supplement his ambitions he recruits some of the most gifted individuals who are A1 at their games. A well-orchestrated team is adroit as masters of infiltration, disguise, leaderships, and of course ad hoc management. Your thirst for thrill will be contented by just a mere introduction of the show. Álex Pina has not left any stone unturned to amaze his patron. The cinematography, casting, exotic locations, and dialogue delivery intended are a piece of work. The aura makes the possibility of difference between reel and real life seamlessly subtle. With every scene, you will be feeling the intoxication of desperation driving through your nerves.

Imdb: 8.4 | Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

The characters in this watch are the most alive existence and have no strings attached in their life. The team formed by the mastermind eventually genesis the family. The leader makes a good example out of himself to lead the team and even prepares to surrender for the sake of the team. The drama shows the pure bond between a teacher and his disciples. Money heist will be a burst of hope and love and a mist of buoyant emotions. A non-avoidable bingeable for the weekends addressed to you, my dear Seniors and Senoritas. Of course, pardon me for the spoiler but you will certainly be humming Bella ciao

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