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Infosys DSE is a new role introduced in 2019 which offers around 5 LPA of the package. You are reading this blog which means you have somehow cleared your written exam through hackWithInfy, InfyTq, Campus Placement, or any other platform but now you may ask how to prepare for it? will it be tough to clear? what things do I need to know before going to the interview? what should I study? I know you may have this kind of question and in this blog, I am going to clear all your doubts.

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How long Infosys DSE Interview will go?

My interview was around 25-30 minutes long they know you already have cleared the coding round so they won’t ask you much.

1. How Infosys DSE Interview may start?

It may starts from the basic Introductory part which could be “Tell me about yourself ” or “Where do you live?” or “Which is special in your city?” it could be anything just to have a set up some good communication with you.

1.1 How To Make your first impression good?

Before the Commencement of the interview wishes them good morning or good afternoon which will put a really good impression on the interviewer, never let the interview be in question-answer phase always try to turn in a friendly environment. One more pro-tip which I did in my interview when the interviewer asks you about yourself after telling them about yourself ask them their experience in Infosys in a polite way, in my case interviewer was 25 years experienced, and I ask them how she manages it, I know sometimes it doesn’t sound good, but at the same time, it shows you have more interaction skills and make you different from others.

2. DSE Interview after starting and before ending

After the introductory part here comes the main part which will be completely technical but does not worry it will be easy. This part will be the longest part.

2.1 What topics interviewer may ask in this part of the interview?

Topics completely depends on your resume and in which technology you have expertise in. meanwhile the common one’s are:

  • DBMS
  • OOPS
  • Basic Coding
  • Software Technology
  • Projects you have done

2.2 My Interview questions

I was lucky as they didn’t ask difficult question.

2.2.1 DBMS Questions

They ask many questions on DBMS as I had written in my Resume that I know Databases quite well and actually I did one course in DBMS from Coursera

  • What is DBMS?
  • How and where Data exactly store?
  • What is RDBMS?
  • Difference between SQL and NoSQL?
  • Normalization in DBMS

I didn’t able to tell about the normalization question I politely said I know till 3NF.

2.2.2 OOPS Questions

They are some basic OOPs question which they ask me

  • What is OOP explain with a real-life example
  • Difference between abstraction and encapsulation with example
  • What is overloading and overriding?

When I explained abstraction and encapsulation she impressed and said “You definitely mugged up this example from somewhere right?

2.2.3 Software Technology Questions

The questions on this topics were:

  • What is SDLC?
  • Explain the waterfall model
  • Which model of SDLC have you followed in your projects

2.2.4 Questions on my projects

The interviewer asked me approaches for some projects. She asked me how you got the idea to make a particular project, what problems did you face, and how you solved it. Most of the projects were on web development but She didn’t ask a single question on web development.

2.2.5 Basic Coding

The question that she asks me was very shocking I didn’t expect that question, it was matrix multiplication when I completed writing code on paper, she said: ” I expect a different approach from you but ok“.

2.3 Additional topics which are rare but can be asked

  • OS
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Structures

3. How the Interview may end?

The interviewer may say you “Do you have some questions that you want to ask? ” always have some questions for them for eg. when onboarding will start, how long it been since you’re working in Infosys? or anything but ask them that shows you have some curiosity which is good. Finally, end the conversation by shaking hand belive me I did this.

Do’s in interview

  1. Show them you are willing to learn new (Quick learner)
  2. Be ready with examples For each point like strength/Weakness/ 
  3. Answer every technology-related question with practical touch which you know. e.g. what is IOT, don’t tell IOT long-form, just tell we can automate things by using sensors & examples like home automation, image processing.
  4. Be specific, fewer words with proper arrangement
  5. Be ready with every coding language-related questions with some practical examples. For e.g. where we use polymorphism. 
  6. Be humble, listen carefully, if not able to interpret then ask them to elaborate by simply saying ‘sorry, can you please repeat once’ 
  7. Show your extracurricular activities like team handling, co-ordination

Don’t in interview

  1. Avoid Common mistakes
  2. Don’t be in a hurry (even you know the answer, when they did with the question, just answer in proper pattern with the real-time example you did regarding that question)
  3. Try to avoid delivering falsy answers. Just avoid unnecessarily only telling full forms in the answer in one line & stop. They know full forms. So just tell them you don’t know about it. If they ask long-form then fine.
  4. Don’t go with the theory. If you know any practical example then ask for paper and explain it with a proper diagram or code.

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