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What is the MERN stack?

MERN stack is an acronym for MongoDB Express ReactJS NodeJS where MongoDB is a NoSQL database, Express is a library for NodeJS which is a web service, and ReactJS is used for the single page front-end application.

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How MERN stack in DSE training being?

DSE batches have training in so many streams MERN stack was one among them that was a full development stack. It was for 1.5-2 months and was divided into 4 focus areas and each focus area was of 10 working days.

The very first focus area started with 1 day of HTML 1 day of CSS and 5-6 days of javascript.

The second focus area had 1-day MongoDB and 9 days NodeJS and Express with an integrated assignment.

The third focus area had 10 days of ReactJS which is a single-page front-end application that was made in order to interact with our web services made in Node and Express.

The last focus area had 10 days of completed project which used agile methodology and a version control system to make a complete eCommerce website.

My experience in MERN stack-DSE

My experience was pretty good I learned a lot of languages, for me focus area 4 was very hectic but I find it very useful for upcoming problems.

Learning the MERN stack was not that difficult even anyone can easily score more than 65% (passing marks) by just doing integrated assignments that are provided 1-2 days before the exams.

Is there any prerequisite for the MERN stack

No, there is no such prerequisite for the MERN stack but basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS will definitely help you.

What are the location preferences for the MERN stack?

MERN stack projects are available in almost all locations but Bangalore has more advantages than every other location. I opted for Pune and currently, I am in Pune.

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21 thoughts on “MERN stack training Infosys-DSE batch 2019”

  1. Hii Shrey. Thank you for taking the initiative to spread knowledge about the new position to all of us newbies.
    Kindly help me with a few doubts.
    1. I want to pursue a career in Data Science & AI. Which stream would be the best choice?
    2. What is the workload like? I have heard people don’t get time for themselves once they get into Infosys.
    3. What is the structure and difficulty of the upgradation exam for PP role?
    4. Do we get onsite opportunities as SES?
    5. Can you give a few examples of the projects you and your peers have done in Infosys?

  2. Hey, can you just post details other training details too as mern stack. So, it will be more useful and tq for this info

  3. Thank you so much for this article.
    I have a doubt. Do we get a chance to select a stream like big-Data or MERN after the training period?

  4. As i am also selected for SES role, i am having certain doubt regarding courses which they are offering like weather we have to select the courses or they will hand over it us randomly as you got MERN stack and one more thing is that how many courses they are offering for SES role.

  5. Hello, I am selected for SES will be joining most probably next year. Which stream is better MERN or BigData for future projects and according difficulty during training? and which stream will be better for Banglore location?

    1. The projects are completely depends on the location for example most of my friends who took big-data got Bhuvaneshvar as their location because Bhuvaneshvar has more big data projects. Difficulty is completely depends on person to person but according to what I observe during my training Mern/Mean stack is more difficult

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