Digital specialist engineer hike

What is digital system engineer

Digital System Engineer is nothing just a renaming of System Engineer Specialist. Infosys has renamed the SES role to the DSE role. In this article, I will share with you the hike SES or DSE got who placed in the 2019 batch adding to that I will take you through the appraisal procedure of Infosys for DSE/SES.

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When Appraisal happens for any Infosians

Anybody who joins before July 1st of the year is eligible for appraisal. The appraisal cycle is Oct – Sep, meaning you must have completed at least 3 months with the company to be appraised.

The salary increment cycle is Apr-Mar. This means that whatever rating you receive in October will reflect in your increment effective next April.

Ratings are given in the appraisals for a digital specialist engineer

  1. Outstanding
  2. Commendable
  3. Met Expectation
  4. Needs Improvement
  1. Outstanding- If an employee does his work excellently something like out of the box, new ideas, etc (very rare no one got this for 2019 batch)
  2. Commendable- If an employee does his work more than what he supposed to do.
  3. Met Expectation- As the name implies working on the expectations of the project manager.
  4. Needs Improvement- When an employee fails to deliver what he expected to do.

The procedure of Appraisal at Infosys

As told the complete procedure takes around 3 months:

  1. Self-evaluation– Starts with self-evaluation where you need to evaluate yourself based on your goals.
  2. Manager evaluation– as soon as self-evaluation is done manager starts evaluating your goals.
  3. Reviewer evaluation– as soon as the manager evaluation complete the reviewer reviews the manager evaluation.
  4. Communication– Finally a meeting is set up between you and the manager where you get your rating. This is a healthy discussion between you and the manager.

What hikes are given on the based of rating to Digital Specialist Engineers

For the 2019 batch, the hikes given was not satisfactory As they got very less increment despite of the excellent growth of company

  1. Outstanding – 10%-12% ( No one got this rating )
  2. Commendable- 7.5%
  3. Met-expectation- 5.5%
  4. Needs Improvement- below 5%

The salary of SES/DSE is fixed, so the hike is on the CTC itself

If you get 5.5% hike then 5.5% of your in-hand will be approx your new in-hand salary

How to get Digital specialist engineer role

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