University of Engineering and Management

University of Engineering and Management (UEM), Kolkata is a private Engineering University that provides engineering, technological & management education, under the University Grants Commission, popularly known as UGC.

University of Engineering and Management Infrastructure

UEM has an awesome state of the art library as well as Laboratories and classrooms. The campus is situated in Action Area – III of New Town, Kolkata; it has a vast campus as well as playground for recreational activities and also an Indore club for indoor games in order to encourage students the extracurricular activities.
The university has a good canteen and the reprographic center for the students. This university consists of around 10 different departments including the Engineering and the Management courses.

University of Engineering and Management Courses

The courses taught in University of Engineering and Management include Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering,, Bachelor of Computer Application, Masters of Computer Application, Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration, etc.

University of Engineering and Management Faculty

The faculty of each of the department are well equipped with the state of the art knowledge and qualifications apart from having the perfect skills of teaching the students well and good. The library consists of a book Bank which provides the study materials and textbooks to the students for the particular semester and normal library from which students can withdraw books when needed, as well as there is an E-library from where students can avail online Ebooks. The library has other sections including research journals competitive exam books and general knowledge books decide to have a state of the art reading facility. Because of the bountiful supply from the library, students do not require to buy books from outside. Every department of this university has an inclusive study environment in which students do group study; professors also guide the students whenever needed. The departments have a strict schedule for the students to follow their academic curriculum and hence the attendance is always good apart from having the minimum attendance criteria of 75%. Apart from the Curriculum studies, the processes encourage the students to indulge in research activities thereby producing several review journals written by the students of this university. In an overall sense this university, the professors are very supportive of the students.

University of Engineering and Management Leisure

Apart from the academic schedule this university also has a fest schedule which includes the major 4 clubs of this university which are the technical club, the quiz club, the sports club, and the cultural club. These clubs organize different festivals for the university throughout the year. Students of this university from all the departments can voluntarily become the members of all these clubs and indulge themselves in the activity of organizing the different festivals which include the technical festival, the sports festival, and the cultural festival.
The university encourages the students in all these above -mentioned activities for developing skills in teamwork and leadership thereby helping them to grow a personality that will help them for getting jobs. Apart from being technically sound, they will mature under the practicalities of life thus, becoming smart and intelligent and perfect for bagging a job. Because the university believes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
Weather insight into the above-mentioned things of this university one can conclude that the students enjoy perfect student life and this university and by this inclusive manner they develop themselves, mature themselves and Blossom up to become an awesome personality.

University of Engineering and Management Placements

Coming to the placement scenario we can confidently say the majority of the students get placed in the different companies that come to this university every year. Also, the training and placement cell of this university is very supportive in terms of guiding the students in every aspect as well as giving them the opportunities to sit for placement for off campus. Every department of this university provides the students with extra technical training and soft skill training to ensure optimum placement of the students.


Concluding all the statements we can say that a student after completing his school when enters this university might be less skilled but when the same student graduates from this university is a completely different personality with all the skills to become successful in every aspect of life.
Hence alumni of University of Engineering and Management can nearly be found everywhere in India and abroad in respectable posts in reputed companies.

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