Infosys SES salary

As Infosys SES aka System Engineer specialist is on the top niche in terms of salary so their breakdown too. To know what Infosys SES profile is and the technologies in which they train check here.

My experience so far as Infosys SES. check here

The technology I was trained in and the flow of training. Check here.

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The difference is of just 1.4 lakh but from Infosys’s perspective, it makes a lot of difference because even Senior system engineer has a salary less than SES freshers.

What is the in-hand salary of Infosys during and after training

The in-hand salary during training is 30.5-31k depending on whether you take health card membership or not, that is an optional facility to avail which include Gym, Badminton, Pool, and Swimming. Apart from that 150 rs mandatory charges will deduct from salary for movies which will schedule in Mysore Infosys campus theater every weekend and around 3500 will be deducted for staying charges in an employee care center.

Infosys ses salary during training
SES Infosys Salary during training

After training SES in-hand salary will be around 34.5k-35k again depending on whether you have subscribed to health-card or not.

Infosys SES salary after training
Infosys SES salary after training

Does Infosys provide a salary to an employee who is on the bench

Yes, Infosys pays salary even to the employees who are on the bench no matter how long your bench period is either it can be 1 day, 1 week, 1month or 1 year you will get your complete salary.

Leave we get in Infosys per year

SES and SE share the same leave system which is 16 earned leaves per year. Out of which 4 leaves will be credit in every quarter which is Jan-Mar, Apr-June, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec.

However, the probation period of SES is 6 months, unlike SE who have 1 year of probation. So we get 5 holidays per quarter which means 20 holidays per year after the SES probation period.

Health insurance for Infosys SES

Health Insurance is of 4 lakh for all the employees no matter which designation one is. However, you can upgrade your plans but it will definitely cost some money from your salary

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  1. I think it’s best to get this job and then prepare for higher studies exam as we will going to get a lot of time.

  2. The only notification I look for in my system since I got an SES offer from Infosys is from qapaper… All my doubt about salary vanished at once… Thank you so much…

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